Innovative Programs

Customized Care Needs

Sunrise/Sunset (Wake-Up and Tuck-In)

Per visit service to help get your day started and to get you settled comfortably for the night.

This Better Home Health Care service consists of (2) visits per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Patient must be self-directed or have family caregiver present at all times.

Like Family

When you want to take your loved one out of the nursing home for a holiday or for a joyous event but cannot manage yourself, CALL US.

When you want to take your loved one to a family affair or celebration and need someone to dress, bathe, transfer, possibly feed and/or change the patient, CALL US.

Better Home Health Care has staff members who will be “like family.” Their expertise lends to the comfort of your loved ones and you.

Palette Pleasers

Special inservice training is provided for Better Home Health Care aides/caregivers to meet the clients’ nutritional needs while pleasing their taste buds. Kosher diets, as well as, specific medically restricted diets and a wide variety of ethnic dishes are covered.