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The Longest Day is Here! Welcome Summer 2022!

As the lazy days of summer approach, we look forward to soaking up the sun and finding time to unwind. However, for those caring for a loved one, time is not their own. From scheduling doctor appointments, trips to the pharmacy, extra meal prep, etc., simply put, their days are filled with never-ending “to-do” lists.

On any given day, for the past 35 years, our intake team consults with numerous families inquiring about how to go about arranging homecare services for a loved one. While the care needs may differ, the goal is the same — keeping your family member safe, comfortable and content.
Where do you start? Consult with your family to determine:
 What are the patients’ care needs?
 What time of day does the patient need the most help, and align with family schedules?
 How soon do you want homecare services to start?
 Identify payment sources and understand your financial responsibilities.

The answer to these questions will help to set your plan in motion. The next step is to work your plan, and that of course depends on WHY you need services, and WHO you need to reach out to. Has your loved one been discharged from a hospital or rehab? Have you noticed signs at home indicating that help is necessary?
Circumstances will dictate WHO you start conversing with. Start by reaching out and asking questions whether it’s to an elder attorney, social worker, hospital discharge planner, homecare agency, etc.
It may seem like a daunting task, but you’ll learn as you continue reaching out to professionals that their guidance will lead you to the appropriate care plan, meeting your specific needs.
To start the conversation, reach out to the intake team at Better Home Health Care at 516-763-3260.